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Mold Testing & Environmental Clearance Inspections in Monticello, NY

KD Environmental Consulting Services performs mold assessments and clearance inspections in accordance with a New York State law enacted to protect consumers when it comes to mold remediation. The new Mold Program, under the direction of the New York State Department of Labor, has been in place since Jan. 1, 2016.

We also test for scientific proof of normal fungal ecology in the home and provide home health packages for realtors to assure everyone involved in the real-estate transaction that there are no environmental issues involved with the property.

Mold Testing & Clearance Inspections Offered by KD Environmental Consulting Services

KD Environmental Consulting Services offers mold testing and environmental clearance inspections for customers in Monticello, NY and its surrounding areas.

Services we offer include:

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What to Expect From Your Mold Assessor

Review the Fact Sheet from the New York State Department of Labor

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February 04, 2023 | Monticello, NY

It was recommended to confirm the ridge vent is operational and air is flowing out. Air sealing will assist to reduce the amount of moisture into the attic area.